instant coffee granulated 100% Kona freeze dried - world's best.

Want to save on coffee take outs? Like your coffee served instantly, hot and best quality at a lower price? Try this! 100% KONA INSTANT COFFEE freeze dried granulated. The worlds most expensive coffee @ ~25 cents a cup.

Want to save on *bucks in the office?
Like it served instantly, hot and best quality at a lower price?
Taste some thing different than shown on MSNBC 'Morning Joe'?

Try this!

100% KONA Instant COFFEE  -  freeze dried granulated

The worlds most expensive coffee @ ~25 cents a cup

Mulvadi Instant Kona Coffee 100% Kona coffee freeze dried instant. THE ORIGINAL at 25c per cup. Packed in a jar with a screw top tight lid to preserve freshness. Contents 1.5 oz - 42 gram. Makes 25 to 30 cups. Use 1-2 teaspoons per cup of hot water and stir.
The Hawaiian Islands are just before the date line and in the coffee zone! Copyright 2007 - 2014 SIPhawaii. All rights reserved.
S'hop In Paradise - Save On Shipping - Hawaii's One Stop Store specializes in Royal Kona coffee, Hawaiian Isles foods, Macadamia nuts-chocolates, Hawaiin Islands Tea.
Granulated Instant Coffee rip sticks packets are convenient single-serve packets so you can have a fresh cup of instant 100 percent pure coffee anywhere. Each coffee stick contains smooth, made only from the finest quality Kona coffee beans. Simply add 6 oz. of hot water, stir and enjoy.

Grown in the shadows of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes on Hawaii.

Kona Coffee is low in acidity and gentle on that heartburn.
-   Wonderfully smooth and well balanced, not bitter   -

Now available in Kona coffee sticks from 45 cents a cup

A delicious Arabica coffee that is portable, storable and convenient.
Simply rip a stick - packet, pour the coffee into your favorite container, add hot water and
in seconds you will be enjoying the rich fresh flavors of pure 100% Kona coffee.

2016 Hawaiian Calendar - Big Island of Hawaiii - 12 Page Letter size.
free 2016 calendar
with every 12 pack

Help to fix the trade deficit and enjoy
100% USA grown coffee.
Support Hawaiian coffee farmers.
Aloha and Mahalo.

Kona Coffee Free Shipping Award. Winners 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. The ‘Kahuna Performer Award’ is awarded every year to us by our auntie ‘Tutu’ from American Samoa because we ship the Kona coffee to her for free. Credit Card processing by Authorize.Net - SIPhawaii is a Verified Merchant - Click on the Seal on the Home Page to verify ***  SSL Secure Site  ***  SIPhawaii never sees and stores your Credit Card number with expiry date. It is only checked through the Authorize.Net payment gateway with your Bank when you submit your order. Copyright © 2007-2014 SIPhawaii. All rights reserved.
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Instant coffee reviews and Mahalo notes

quote The Kona Instant coffee is the very best instant I've ever tasted!    Ellen H., Springfield MA.

quote Aloha – I am so thankful that we were able to find your product on line.
My wife ordered a case of the Instant Kona Coffee in the 1.5 jar for a surprise.
My Dr. recommended that I drink one cup of coffee per day,
your product allows me to do just that and not sacrifice flavor.
To Happy SIPing,
   David W., Reno NV.


100% Kona Coffee is alkaline based, not acidic and has been scientifically proven
as good for your health and gentle on that heartburn.

Pouring that PERFECT CUP
of the worlds best brand Granulated Freeze Dried Kona INSTANT COFFEE.

A habit is when making a cup of Hawaiian Kona Arabica instant coffee is to pour the boiling water immediately over that spoonful of granulated coffee in the cup.  Unfortunate this releases many of the aromatic oils.
Most manufacturers of instant coffee strip out most of the oils, some of which are captured and added back into the granules later.
The secret, is not to pour the boiling water immediately but rather to pour a small amount of warm water first - just enough to dissolve the granulated instant coffee.  Stir it just a bit until the granules have fully dissolved.
If you prefer your freeze dried Kona coffee with milk or coffee creamer then this should be added before you pour the boiling water into your cup.

The most important element of a great cup of coffee is the water.
If your water is high in impurities or mineral content, it is recommended to switch to a quality bottled water or a tap water filter.
Try it!  This way the Kona instant coffee really tastes better...  just like freshly brewed coffee.

Some prefer to use milk only.  It makes the coffee creamier.
Make sure to warm up the milk less than when using water only.
Milk heats up very quick.  Thirty seconds in the micro should be enough.

Single serve rip stick packs of Hawaiian instant Kona coffee sticks belong in every emergency kit or travel bag.
Great for on the go and camping trips.
Then there are the hotel rooms with coffee you don't like.
Or there was the office that you worked in that didn’t have a coffee maker.
Easy to fit in your purse in case you prefer your own elsewhere.

100% Instant Kona Coffee could be qualified as Fair Trade Coffee.
Hawaiian coffee farmers are by state law required to pay workers a minimum wage and health insurance.

Kona instant coffee is freeze dried granulated, or "Agglomerated", and not like most cheap spray powdered blends of unknown origin.

For those who do not like the left over coffee grit at the bottom of their coffee cup from micro grind instant coffee.  Try us!

Kona instant coffee is available by the case @ every day low prices

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Mahalo for supporting Hawaiian Coffee farmers  -  Buy 100% USA Coffee

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Instant coffee generates $21 billion in worldwide sales.

That's more than 40% of the total coffee market.
The U.S.A. accounts for 5% of the instant coffee market.

INSTANTCOFFEE Help to fix the trade deficit and enjoy 100% USA grown coffee. Support Hawaiian coffee farmers. Aloha and Mahalo.

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